We tried to show you how we can renovate your kitchen space in just 10 working days and instead we finished in 7!!!

You can find below day 1-6 and today’s progress:

Day 1: Removal of Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Base, Ceramic Tiles, and Electric Sockets

Day 2: Electrical Wall Schisms, Plaster Board Creation, Switch Boxes Installation

Day 3: Finishing With Plaster Boards and the Ceramic Tiles Installation

Day 4: All Ceramic Tiles Installed, Joints Filled With Grout, and Plasterboards Plastered

Day 5: Kitchen Installation and Quartz Countertop Measurement

Day 6: Kitchen Cabinets Fully Installed And Starting With Wall Painting

Today, we finished with the painting of the walls, we installed all the quartz countertops, the plumber took care of the plumbing and the electrician connected the lights and the electrical sockets.

Below you can find the progress of the day:


Quartz Coutnertop Installation

Everything Finished including the Electrical Circuits and Plumbing



We would like to point out that each renovation project takes different amounts of time. It depends on the kitchen space and any unexpected difficulties. Based on our experience, the max time a renovation can take is 10 days.


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