In any case that you have missed Day 1, here it is!

By the end of Day 2, we managed to scratch the walls for the electrical circuits and fill them with concrete. We installed a big part of the ceiling plaster boards, and installed all electric switch boxes.

We know that everything sounds easy in the books, that finishing in 10 days is easy, but when you have to coordinate up to 3-4 different parties so that they can work together in a small place…that is when things get a lot harder.

Fortunately, our 28 year experience in the industry gives us the ability to find a solution to all the problems we might face in our way, fast and effectively.


Below you can find the progression throughout the day:

Installation of plaster board

Electrical wall schisms

All switch boxes are installed and the installation of the ceiling plaster boards continues.

The end of the second day


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