Winter has arrived.

The weather is cold and we miss the summer’s hot days!

We want to feel a feeling of warmth and to enjoy the Xmas spirit with our family.

Chimneys used to give us that feeling, but lets face it. A chimney is too expensive to build and are highly impractical.

Just think of all the woods you would need to burn…

Besides all the dust and smokes found all over the house, burning woods is not exactly marked as friendly to the environment.

Only if there was an alternative with a lower cost, used in a practical way…but guess what…there is one.

You can create the same feeling of warmth and impress your friends and family at the same time using this one simple to do decorating idea.

Introducing bioethanol fireplaces. A simple to use and inexpensive to the alternative, chimneys.

These ecological fireplaces are highly portable and safe. The materials used maintain  always a constant low temperature, producing no smokes and no odours.

Bioethanol is an alternative energy, and does not produce carbon dioxide. Its so cheap that 5 litres of this fuel can keep a lighted flame from 8 to 20 hours.

No need for gas or electricity to light up your fireplace.

It is so easy to use, you only need to follow 3 simple steps. Just remove it from the container, pour bioethanol in the burner and burn it with the proper piezoelectric lighter included.

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