A good countertop should be easy to clean, attractive to look at and resilient against chips and scratches. This is what will keep it look the part when you have guests round and it will make life that much easier when you’re juggling hot pans in the kitchen. High quality countertops can even add to the value of your home making them an excellent investment. That’s why you want a countertop that will last a lifetime.

The best premium stone will stay looking new for decades and will add a real class to your kitchen. Using laminate countertops just doesn’t cut it as the material is too soft and too prone to deterioration. Choose laminate and you could risk ending up with a countertop that looks like this just a couple of years down the line:

Laminate countertops with Chips and Scratches

Not what you want!

Ceramic tiles are similarly prone to cracking, look dated and have too many small gaps for crumbs to get caught in.

If you want the very highest quality, quartz is the ONLY choice for your kitchen. With quartz your surfaces will look pristine all year round and they’ll be flawless until you choose to redesign or move out. Quartz is not just one of the most aesthetically pleasing stones for your kitchen, it’s also highly versatile ensuring that you can get the precise look you want.

Quartz countertops are composed of approximately 93% silica particles (in the form of quartz) and 7% resin. Due to the production method used, they all exhibit fantastic characteristics and are strong, flexible and highly resistant to impact. They also have a particularly low absorption coefficient ensuring that spilled drinks and sauces can easily be whipped up without fear of staining or marking.

With G.Nicolaou you also get fantastic service. We will quickly replace your existing countertops with no need to change your current cabinets. In JUST one day, we will remove the existing countertop and take care of all the electrical wiring and hydraulics.

What’s more, we make sure the whole installation process is clean and non-invasive. We clean up as we go and all drilling and cutting happens in our factory – so you don’t need to worry about dust or noise.

To find out more about our beautiful, quartz countertops, or to get a free price quote, call us today at 22 450 140.