photovoltaic systems

Clean Environment = Better Quality of Life

One year has passed since the creation of our 20 kw photovoltaic park, undertaking the quartz countertop production in our factory. The results are great! We are 100% satisfied with the technology.

The benefits to the environment are undisputed. Alternative energy sources can create a better quality of life for all of us. You know how air breathed on the mountain is different than air breathed in the city?! Imagine a future where everywhere fresh air exists!

Let us not forget how cost effective these technologies can become for any small business. At least, we speak from experience. A lower cost of production translates in more affordable products and services offered to our clients. It’s that simple!

In the past year, we have been able to save thousands of euros that would otherwise be spent on electricity expenses. Instead of that, we are able to pass to the consumer a lower price.

Offering our customers a product of high quality, in a combination with an affordable price, is amongst the primary goals of the company today.

We believe that at least a photovoltaic panel should be installed in every house all over Cyprus. Installing these systems in such a high scale would have a low initial capital cost and tremendous positive effect on the economy and the environment. It’s only unfortunate seeing how few photovoltaic systems are installed in our country.

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