Kitchen Renovation in 10 Days Only!





Is it difficult to imagine your new kitchen? Here is the easy solution!

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Are you looking to remodel your kitchen?
Then you have two options…

1) The first is the headache option…

That’s where you start by finding the right kitchen design for your room…

Then you need to find the right installation company. You might also need to find a carpenter. Find an electrician. Find a painter. Find a plumber…

And that’s just the start of it! Even then, you’ll still need to find the time to make the renovation. Plus there’s the small matter of budgeting, of comparing prices, of planning where you’re going to be cooking for the next six months… And we haven’t even begun to talk about all the things that can go wrong and all the setbacks. It’s a headache!

Then you have the smart option.

2) The smart option is G. NICOLAOU.

At G. NICOLAOU, our mission is to relieve you from the stress and worry of renovating a kitchen so you can focus on getting a beautiful new kitchen room in record time.

Record time you say?

That’s right – we can get your kitchen remodeled in JUST 10 DAYS!

All you need to do is let us know the materials and parts you want and once we have received them we’ll get to work and finish the entire job in a maximum of 10 days. No need for headache pills after all!


DAY 1 – Old kitchen Removal / Removal of Hydraulic & Electrical Fittings
DAY 2 – Removal of existing Ceramic Tiles – Building Construction
DAY 3 – Electrics & Plumbing
DAY 4 – Ceramic Installation
DAY 5 – Ceramic Installation
DAY 6 – Ceramic Tiles Grouting and Kitchen Cabinets Delivery
DAY 7 – Kitchen Cabinets Installation – Countertop Measurement
DAY 8 – Painting Walls
DAY 9 – Installing Countertops
DAY 10 – Plumbing and Electricals – Finishing Touches

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